Government Halts O-Level Vocational Exams

Government Halts O-Level Vocational Exams

The government has been forced to suspend the implementation of the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) assessment under the new lower secondary curriculum after a number of schools across the country reported challenges in its implementation.

DIT was supposed to assess the first cohort of the students who are taking the new curriculum and are now in senior three this year in November.

However, sources have revealed that the Ministry of Education has resolved to suspend the assessment indefinitely until all the necessary facilities required for assessment have been put in place by schools and the government to enable its implementation.

According to sources, parents and schools are protesting the Shs80, 000 fee each learner is supposed to pay in order to be assessed by DIT. This is in addition to Shs164, 000 a similar learner is supposed to pay in senior four to be able to undertake the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE).

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According to the new curriculum whose implementation kicked off in 2020, each learner was expected to pursue a vocational occupation, out of the 118 programmes, with the aim of equipping them with employable skills for the world of work.

According to the Deputy Director of Research, Consultancy, and Library Service at National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC), Dr Richard Irumba, the suspension of DIT assessment will not affect the other competence training and learning in the curriculum.

According to him, students will continue with the curriculum until next year when they will be subjected to UNEB examinations, asserting that the vocational component is affected by the suspension.

 When contacted yesterday, the Ministry of Education spokesperson, without disputing the suspension, said that schools should wait for communication from the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education.

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