Guild president collapses over sacked ministers

Kayihura S. Felix

The guild president of Nkumba University, Felix Kayihura collapsed when his finance minister and Prime minster were secured. The two ministers are allegedly accused misappropriation of guild funds.

The Guild Prime minister, Kibira Francis and finance minister, Matovu John have been sacked over bribery and theft of guild funds.  The president is said to be the next if he does not change the way he is handling guild matters, a source told the campus time.

“I labored to bring him to power and I expected a lot out of him but for the good of students I diverted from his views after realizing he is not implementing the manifesto that we used. He later brought in thieves who are his personal friends in the guild to steal students’ money” a student accuses Kayihura. The Campus Times tried to get a comment from the president but all his official lines were off

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