Gulu University Beholds 35Bn Complex Ground Breaking

Gulu University Beholds 35Bn Complex Ground Breaking
Officials present witnessing the ground breaking at the ceremony: COURTESY PHOTO

Students and officials at the Northern beacon, Gulu University could be the happiest in Uganda.

On Friday August 24, the University witnessed the groundbreaking of the complex that will take approximately 35 billion Uganda Shillings.

The four-floored building will act as a business and development centre will consist of 11 lecture rooms and computer laboratories. All the costs for the construction will be met by the government.

The ceremony was attended by Rt. Hon. Oulanya Jacob Lokori, the deputy speaker of parliament, the university chancellor, Professor Frederick Ian Bantubano Kayanja, students guild officials and local leaders in Gulu.

The construction of the complex is estimated to take four years having been contracted to a Chinese company only known as CHICO, Professor Openjuru George Ladaar stated in his speech at the ceremony.

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