Have faith and confidence in every thing you do

Have faith and  confidence in every thing you do

Hello, am peter!

I   was doing bad at physics. I never got above 80% in any of my physics tests, although I did for other subjects.

The day before my next paper, I told myself that I am focused and I can do very well in physics. It was hard practicing and went off a bit in my confidence.

I came back saying “I can beat physics at its own game and get above 80%.”. Then, I was like, I am thankful for the Universe for giving me a good future in physics and that the paper was going to be easy. The next day, I sat down for the physics paper. It was way easier than the others. I always kept telling everyone and myself that I would be getting above 80%.

I was really confident and a few days after the test, I got 26/30! That’s above 80%! I was really happy and really grateful to the Universe. It works!

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