The Glamor Of Body Stockings

BY Addy  Karugaba

The glamor of body stockings is just worth another look if you haven’t taken notice of them before. They comprise of many different types and styles that make you look as sophisticated as you can imagine. Some have holes and others fishnets that allow you carry out certain duties when need arises. What’s more interesting is that you can add some of these designs to your outfit with comfort and ease.

Some are designed to be worn alone without having to reveal ones goodies and make one look more sexy and hot. Most of them have really amazing colors and fabrics that one no longer has to hunt for exactly black like it used to be centuries ago. The beauty of these stockings is that they cover your body right from the feet to the waist and others cover up to the neck although these are a rare type on the market. They have got such a light material that lets you free enough to dance, stretch because they make you feel like you’re not dressed in anything.

To accessorize it all, these body stockings have no specific size, they are made in such a way they can fit all female bodies irrespective of the size, be it fat or skinny because of their stretching material that enhance the female body curves. Campus ladies today have greatly embraced style of dressing and body stockings are not about to live, but they are here to stay.

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