How Scholarship Program has helped Students to attain Education at The Uganda Pentecostal University

How Scholarship Program has helped Students to attain Education at The Uganda Pentecostal University

The Uganda Pentecostal University was founded in 2001 by the Late Prof. John Ntambirweki with an aim of educating the masses in different field of education. For the past 22 years that the University has been in existence, a number of people have attained their desired levels of Education in fields of Journalism and communication, Law, Public Administration to mention but a few.

The Late Prof. John Ntambirweki

The Uganda Pentecostal University through Toro Kingdom offers 50% bursary to every student that comes to be admitted in the school. The fees structure would be 2 times of the figure stated in the brochure but due to the 50% scholarship, students pay the amount stated. Below is the description of the different courses offered at different levels such Degree, Diploma and Certificate at The Uganda Pentecostal University and their fees structure.

Mr. Tayebwa Agglieves the Admissions Officer says, the University has two Intakes one in March and another in August. He further explains on the different types of bursaries that are available for example; the 50% ( half bursary) for every student, 100%( full bursary) for talented students and the needy. He says any student willing to join the University and benefit from the available bursaries can either come to the school or use online means of applying or go to the school agents found in different places.

How to get scholarships at The Uganda Pentecostal University

There are a number of scholarships given at The Uganda Pentecostal University which include;

  • 50% bursary for every student admitted in any of the University intakes.
  • 100% bursary for talented and innovative students in sports.
  • 70%-80% bursary for the needy students

Below is the video of the Admissions officer Mr. Tayebwa Agglieves speaking about how students can access the bursary program at UPU.

Some of the scholarship beneficiaries speak out.

Livingston who is a graduate from UPU in 2020 says, he benefited from the Scholarship program that enabled him attain a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. Livingston says that he started when he was on 50% bursary but due to his innovations, he designed a school website that attained him a full bursary thus easing his studies. He says, initially he would get difficulties in paying tuition but after getting a bursary, he concentrated and ended up getting a first class degree in IT.

Below is the video of Livingston testifying on how he benefited from the full bursary program.

Munialo John from Kapchorwa in Eastern Uganda says, he graduated in 2019 being aided in his studies by the school. In his words he says that he attained a Diploma in Law that he lives to benefit from today. He further thanks the school for providing him with such an opportunity of scholarship which has made him move from dust to the sky.

Below is Munialo John praising the University and thanking it for granting him a 50% scholarship that enabled him attain his Diploma in Law in 2019.

Students that are on scholarship program speak on how they are benefitting from it.

Morren a Third year student of Education says, where she is now she wouldn’t have been there if it was not the bursary she got from the school. She says a lot of students have failed to continue with their studies due to lack of enough funds to facilitate their educations. She therefore calls upon all students that have such a problem to come and apply at UPU and attain their dream of education through the different bursaries that are available.

Below is the video of Morren speaking about the 50% scholarship

Kababiito Jovena a fist year student at UPU says, she is finding it easy to now pay tuition since the school pays for her a half of it. She says the school is fully equipped with all the desired facilities to aid in education. She further says, comparing UPU with other Universities in terms of tuition, UPU still remains pocket friendly and affordable hence favoring every class of people in their different capacities.

Below is the voice cue of Jovena a first year student at UPU speaking on how she finds it easy to pay half of her tuition since the other a half is paid by the school.


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