How that Adviser role at Campus can Turn you into a Consultant and earn a living

A consultant talking to a client: COURTESY PHOTO

The basic role of a consultant is to give advice and provide solutions to problems. Although it can be learnt, this role is more of a natural aptitude.

It is ironical however, how people underrate this quality. While at the University, you could know which person was good at what.

If it is procuring a new laptop or smartphone, Sam is the best to consult for specifications and functionality and if it if for repair and maintenance, Job would be the best to reach out to.

Successful consultants derive their skill set from a combination of learned techniques and innate personality traits. These skills include the following; Logical reasoning, leadership, communication, ingenuity and the ability to work well with others

Surprisingly, many of these talents are in vain when such students leave campus to go into the work field.

Most of them start writing good resumes and flocking the streets to seek for job opportunities not knowing that they are moving with million-worthy skill of consultancy.

More so, many developing countries like Uganda disregard this quality as they focus on more physical talents like sports and music. Therefore many of the consultancy talents go unnoticed with only a few compliments from “folded hands”.Image result for consultants

The feelings attached to consultancy as a profession and career in these countries are discouraging. Most people don’t consider it as an income- earning career apart from prominent companies and persons.

However if supported, these individuals can turn into multi- millionaire consultants the world has ever seen.

How to develop natural talents that favor consultancy.

Once you spot such qualities either in you as a person or another you know, do anything in your capacity to lay a brick onto it.

For example, a student good at career guidance can be developed into a financial advisory consultant.

You can start small at the university level, keep the connections and build on the network. Be sure to provide quality, follow up on clients to taste their level of satisfaction.

By the time you finish with University, you would have created a big network of trust enough to start your own small office. Or you can build on such expertise by going for a short course that will land you into a good consultancy firm.




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