Theft is the action or crime of stealing or is the physical removal of an object that is capable of being stolen without the consent of the owner.

However, when we talk about theft in IUIU we look at various things which are commonly stolen such as habayahs, source pans, veils, laptops, phones among others.

So those students don’t steal because they want to but rather due to peer group or peer influence, lack of satisfaction whereby one feels contented with the little she is having, still competition amongst students when it comes to dressing ,so this one also forces one to still or so and so is holding an iphone and that very person also end up being tempted or forced to steal.

Items that students commonly steal

In line to above, poverty and which is the major cause and biggest problem whereby most girls feel un conteted with the little they have and end up stealing.

However, despite having the above case, still, there have been the measures taken to overcome such incidences, labeling of students properties that is the bed sheets, clothes, saucepans, then closing of or locking or placing pad locks on suit cases of as to keep the things safe, also closing of windows and doors with pad locks or locks to avoid intruders from entering inside the rooms.

Locking or placing pad locks on suit cases

In addition to the above, involving stakeholders that is the hall minister, warden, guild president, and also presenting the culprits before the disciplinary committee so as to be dealt with.

Lastly but least, parents have also been involved more especially of the culprits so as to talk to their children and instill discipline in them, and also giving their children enough pocket money , never less, even the admission itself have to continue talking or counseling the students so that they can be better mother’s and responsible citizens and be exemplary to the outside world and be good role models.

A parent is cancelling one of the students 

Still, having good and motivational friends who encourage and motivate in academics, co-curricular activities and on top of that who are developmental and above all praying all the times so as to seek Allah’s intervation and avoid temptation.

Students of IUIU give tips on how they keep their property safe.

Hadijah Ahmed
Swabulah Isa
Raihan Nantume
Nakyanzi Rabiibah
Jalia Juma
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