How to Get Retained and Secure a Job Placement at an Internship Place

How to Get Retained and Secure a Job Placement at an Internship Place

Every student intern wishes to go to an internship place which manifests the highest chances of retaining him/her.

Therefore, their choice of selection will highly base upon the possibility of becoming an employee after the whole internship period.

However, many students forget the fact that the overall conduct and impression exhibited during his/her internship stay can directly impact the company’s decision to recruit or better leave them go.

Remember you may not be the only intern the company will receive and you most likely not the first to carry out an internship from their organisation.

They receive numerous interns from carious teaching institutes and with diversity of skills. Therefore sighting you out of the many may require an added effort.

Here are tips to impressing your internship bosses and make them retain you as a worker.

  1. Show that you can work in a team. Exhibit a high level of team spirit during interactions and work execution with fellow interns and the internship advisers. Workers don’t work in solitude but in continuous dependency to each other. So team spirit will be an outstanding quality to make the company managers sight you out.
  2. Finish assignments on time. Time management is a very rare quality to human existence. Make sure you always do your assignments within the time and beat deadlines. If it is possible, you can actually submit the work before the deadline. Time management will make you popular to your supervisors and managers hence stand a high chance of getting retained.
  3. Engage in daily activities and show that you care about the Company business. Yes you an intern and most companies would rather have you ousted that engage you in its matters. You can show that you really have the company at heart without possibly ‘poking your nose’ in sensitive topics. Know when and where your help maybe needed as an intern. If you have a chance of sitting in some of their meetings, show your presence (positively) and avoid keeping quiet for the whole session. Argue things smartly and don’t hesitate to challenge your bosses if you are certain that it will bring about a positive impact. They will give you the attention if they see you have some matter and I mean who wouldn’t want a “brainee” added to his/her workforce?
  4. Brand yourself. Be that first person any internal worker will call incase need arises; not just to mix them a cup of coffee but even for some guidance. Manifest an extra-ordinary leadership personality to stand out from your fellows.Image result for internsIf you are at most people’s mouth tip, you will stand a high chance of being recommended for a job placement. Act more maturely and like an employee material and you will surely be noticed.
  5. Don’t act too desperate, you may scare them off. Yes your ultimate goal is to get recruited but don’t highlight it every time especially to the company workers. If you act so desperate and show that you are dying for a job, it may scare the workers fearing that you maybe their replacement and instead fight you. Therefore, to avoid conflict with the already established workers , just act responsibly and respectfully and you will be noticed.

It is good to wish for a retention at an internship place because at the end of the day, that is why most go to school, to have a better life. However, do not make it a do or die. Additionally, do not cry your lungs out when the company returns your internship letter without any request for you to be part of your team.

Most companies will call you even months later and it is not a must that you are supposed to work at that same organisation. If you really have skills, which I believe you do after that long internship period, another good employer will sight you out.

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