How to identify a good roommate at university

How to identify a good roommate at university
A good roommate does not mind taking care of everything.
A good roommate does not mind taking care of everything.

It is common that many students have to find and live with a roommate while at university. Living with someone can be challenging at times, especially if that individual comes from a different background or has an opposite lifestyle.

Most people, at some time in their life, will likely have to learn how to live with a roommate, which is why it is important to think about what sort of characteristics make a person desirable to live with. Below Denis Bakampemukira found out and depicted some of the most important qualities of a good roommate.

The ability to communicate:

Communication is an important aspect to living together. Verbalize your wishes, house rules, expectations, and so much more from the outset. Make sure he/she does the same. This way, the two of you will know what is expected of you and avoid miss communication.

The ability to listen and compromise:

In relation to the above, say you have noticed that your roommate isn’t the most cleanly person in the world. A good roommate would listen to your complaint and be willing to make changes. This means that you should be able to pay attention to one another’s indifference. Even if your roommate doesn’t agree with what you say, he should possess the ability to compromise to reach a solution to a conflict. This will keep things running smoothly in your apartment.

Sharing the workload and cleanliness.

It is also important that you and your roommate divide housework evenly between the two of you. If they are not willing to do their share of the housework, then he/she is not a good roommate.

Two people who live together but do not share the same views on cleanliness can create a recipe for disaster. Finding someone who has similar cleaning habits will ensure that one roommate doesn’t feel as if she is doing all the work as cleaning the utensils and the floor or feels like she/he lives in a disgusting house. A characteristic of a good roommate is someone who will, at the very least, clean up after themselves.

Courteous of space

Living with roommates can be a great deal of fun at times, but there are also opportunities for accidental awkward situations to occur, especially when one roommate might have a different idea of boundaries than the other roommate. Search out a roommate who has similar ideas of what is appropriate in what rooms, during what times. Roommates should also discuss the level of comfort with overnight guests and parties. Respecting personal space is one of the characteristics of a good roommate.

Kindness and consideration

You and you’re roommate certainly don’t have to be best of chums, but kindness is essential to any roomie relationship. Are you pulling an all-night studying for an exam? He should be willing to take extra care in being quiet for your study time. Kindness is also essential– remember the golden rule and things should go very smoothly.

Carefulness and cautiousness

In a student life, the primitive objective is to study, carefulness is vital to each other. Therefore one person can easily be affected by the other hence a good roommate will always keep an eye  on what he/she is doing inside the room. For example a messy one will make noise and hamper the fellow’s activities like reading.


Whenever a fellow has a problem or difficulties as sickness and finance black out, your roommate will have to help you out with immediate assistance. In short he/she should be helpful.

A mentor:

In many situations, a person cannot make decisions alone, however a good roommate can provide some piece of advice and suggestions in critical situations like course works and other personal challenges actually he/she is a counselor.

Trustworthiness belongings

Living with someone means forming an understanding that not only is the environment a safe place to live, but a trustful area to keep belongings. Establishing the appropriate level of comfort about borrowing each other’s things and which items are allowed to be borrowed will eliminate this problem from the start. A good roommate will be respectful of others food, items and apparel. Many people have a more communal thought process than others, but two people should not share each other’s things unless it has been mutually discussed or agreed upon.

In conclusion, a good roommate can bring pleasure in student life besides you should also strive to possess the same qualities that are expected in your roommate. Also remember that the person you shared with the room could in turn to be your best friend, as in living most of your time together can bring intimacy between you.

Look for a roommate who is responsible with money. This is important because there will be a variety of situations where money will have to be paid for obvious things like rent, but also bills will need to be put in someone’s name and split in equal parts. Establish that the potential roommate has good credit, a solid income source, and always split the responsibility of signing up for utilities equally.

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