How to keep your hair smelling good at all times

How to keep your hair smelling good at all times

Ladies, there’s nothing quite as alluring as leaving a head-turning fragrance trail behind you, but sometimes, spritzing on a perfume, or even a lightweight , can give you too strong of a scent that may even fade off before the day ends.

Deeply fragrant hair, on the other hand, gives you an all-over aroma that’s beautiful and subtle. The trick is making it last. No matter the type of hair you have, follow these tips for lovely smelling hairdo that will last all day long!

Clean Brushes, Combs, Pillow-cases and Head gears
Brushes and combs tend to get dirty very often because of the hair strands, dust from the atmosphere and the oil from your hair.

Dirty hair brushes, headbands, do-rags, sleeping bonnets, combs, pillow cases and head gears can also clash with the fresh scent of newly washed hair. So, clean out your brushes and keep anything that comes in contact with your beautiful locks clean! You can even spray your hairbrush with scented oil and perfume before each use to evenly infuse the hair with the fragrance.

Nice smelling shampoo
I’m the kind of person who picks a shampoo based on its scent. Sometimes, the problem isn’t how often you’re washing your hair. It could just be the product you’re using. This could be wrong as there are plenty of shampoos and conditioners that target different problems regarding the hair and the scalp, but what also sets them apart is how much of the lingering fragrance they leave behind. Some scents of shampoos and conditioners get washed away with the products, but others remain in your hair for quite some time. It’s just a matter of finding what is right for you!

Wash Hair Regularly
It is advised not to wash hair every day as it can become brittle and dry. However, this don’t mean we shouldn’t wash our hair regularly as required. In the end, no product is going to keep your hair smelling fresh if it hasn’t been washed when supposed to. Using a good scented shampoo that matches your hair type can leave your hair smelling great for hours. However, if you really like your shampoo for what it does to the texture of your hair or scalp, but hate its smell, you could add a few drops of lavender oil or rose water to make it smell better.

Less Heat
A fresh blowout or a nicely straightened hair with a hot comb is always a good idea, but its consequences are not. If you’ll subject your hair to heat, you’ll have to do it smartly in order not to damage your hair. Make sure to tell your hair dresser to lower the heat settings to avoid burning your hair ends. If you’re straightening your hair at home, make sure to go easy on your hair locks, to avoid the burning smell and use heat-activated hair products like a blow drying balm to lock in a long-lasting aroma and protect your hair from damage while adding scent and shine. Just don’t overdo it. Too much heat too often is never a good thing.

Scented Hair Sprays and Hair Perfumes
Did you know that hair sprays aren’t only used for hair styling? You can spray your hair after a blowout or even before you head to work. Not only will the hairspray keep your hair smelling good, it will also lock your hairstyle in place. Using perfumes that are specially made for your hair, and investing in a good hair mist is such great way to keep your hair smelling good all day long. Check if your favourite perfume comes in a hair mist! However, make sure the scent is good and not too strong; otherwise, you’ll have bad results.

Leave-In Conditioner
I must tell you, leave-in conditioners are such a great invention! Not only do they leave your hair soft, they make your hair smell like it is freshly shampooed. Slather your locks with a leave-in conditioner and let it work overnight. Pick one that’s rich, nourishing with a lovely fragrance. Apply it to your towel-dried hair, then wrap it in a sleeping cap and head to bed. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll have incredibly fragrant hair that will stay scented all day long!

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