How to make best use of a vacation

A holiday maker taking time to read a novel.
A holiday maker taking time to read a novel.

By Philimon Badagawa

The sun is out, ohoo, it’s another morning, and a new day has come. 20 year old Elvis, a vacationist waiting to join campus in August laments as he wakes up.

He is not worried of getting the daily bread as most fresh graduates do on Kampala streets, but scared of boredom at home.

Elvis’ situation is just a drop in the ocean, many students are tired of overstaying at home without clear plans. There is nothing much to keep them productively busy at home for a long period as they wait for the next academic year to start.

The ministry of Education released Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examinations a few weeks ago. University admissions in public Universities are expected in May and studies will officially commence in August though most private universities are admitting students already.

The Campus Times brings you some tips on how you can make the best use of your vacation and overcome boredom.

Take time and do some research in something that you are interested in. One will say money is needed, which is right but it shouldn’t be a big obstacle. You can still achieve this with minimum expenses by utilizing the library at home, make use of the old newspapers and text books available.  For those in urban areas, there are public libraries which you can use as your resource centers. This will also help you improve on your English language skills.

Others will say they are tired of books and need a break forgetting that learning does not end. From the few pages you read, you will always find something valuable and worthy noting other than spending the holiday wasted.

Uganda is an agricultural economy and given the fertile soils and rain, venturing into farming will not be a bad deal for one in a long vacation.  Guess what, one is already saying that farming is for people who did not go to school. Who deceived you, if someone told you such a big lie, then he /she doesn’t want to see you prosper.

A quick look at these two former Vice Presidents of Uganda, the late Kiseka and Gilbert Bukenya. Who would not admire their agricultural farms, but isn’t Bukenya educated, Kiseka too had read his books and used to get all his food stuff from his farm and the same applies to Bukenya.

So who else undermines farming, if you do believe me, here we go. Everyone enjoys eating fruits like mangoes, oranges, and the only nature skin doctor-avocados among many others. If you start planting these mango trees today, by the time you complete your three years’ course, the trees will be bearing fruits which can be sold off for cash. This means you will start earning immediately you finish your undergraduate degree and will not burden your parents for any more pocket money.

Volunteer in doing some community work if you intend to become a politician in future. This will help you in gaining popularity and confidence among the residents. But if you are not born a lucky politician like my embattled brother Raila Odinga in Kenya, then you better opt for other better avenues. Check out in the nearby NGOs for volunteering opportunities, they can shape your working skills.

 A holiday well spent creates a smooth road for a better future, and when you over sleep, your brain will rust. The choice is still ours.

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