How To Prepare Matooke In Uganda

<strong>How To Prepare Matooke In Uganda</strong>

Matooke is a Luganda word used to mean Green Banana’s. It’s a food loved and prepared by some tribes in Uganda-East Africa especially; central, Eastern and western regions of Uganda.

This dish is a staple food in Uganda. Staples are foods that are eaten regularly, often daily or with every meal. It’s more similar to Plantain if am to simplify.

Most parts of the Banana Plant are useful in preparing the food, the banana leaf stem is used for lining the Sauce pan, the leaves to cover on top of the saucepan, the fiber to tie the Banana’s, plus other remaining parts used for covering the garden as a form of manure.

Step By Step Approach To Preparation Of Matooke In The Central Region

  1. At home in the kitchen area, the women get a round basket that will carry food enough for the particular size of the family.
  • The bottom of the basket is covered with crossed banana fibers and then topped with some of the banana leaves as these will be used to cover and tie the Matooke into a pot like shape.
  • The Matooke has sticky sup that stains clothes so a banana leaf is used by the women to cover the front of their clothes as they peel the Matooke to protect them from the sup.
  • The peeled Bananas are put in the basket lined with layers of fiber and leaves, after the one preparing it covers the Matooke with the leaves and tie them with the fiber.
  • The dressed Matooke is put in the pan with moderate water, and then covered with more banana leaves. A previously used banana leaf is then used on top to make sure the food is in place and that it warms up fast after being put on Heat / Fire.
  • It is then set on a fire and cooked (steamed) for one to more hours dependently on the amount of fire.
  • The Banana leaves when cooking the Matooke give the food such an appetizing aroma.
  • When ready it is taken off the fire and then pressed together while still hot using used banana leaves to protect the hands from burning.
  • After words it’s then put back on Fire in this case low heat for an extra cooking to pleasant taste.

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  • After, it is served with any soup or sauce of one’s choice but best with Luwombo, Gnuts, Beef, Goats meat, beans or Fish whether fresh or smoked.

Please look out for the next episode on how to prepare Beef Luwombo.

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