How to Register Successfully at Makerere University and Avoid Extra Costs or Admission Issues

How to Register Successfully at Makerere University and Avoid Extra Costs or Admission Issues

Makerere University, in collaboration with the Office of the Academic Registrar, is committed to ensuring a smooth registration process for both incoming and returning students.

To prevent any unwanted consequences, such as surcharges resulting from late payments or admission complications, it is essential for all students to be well-informed about the following registration procedures:

(a) First-Year Students Every newly admitted student who is pursuing a program at Makerere University under private sponsorship received a provisional admission letter along with a fee structure for the payment of mandatory fees. This preliminary step allows privately sponsored first-year students to pay a minimum of 60% of their tuition fees, along with all functional fees, before they can obtain their original admission letters. These original admission letters can be collected from their respective Colleges/Schools.

Government sponsored students were issued full admission letters. For a candidate to qualify to be a bonafide student of the University, he/she MUST enroll on the system and be registered. Registration is a mandatory requirement of the University which must be done within the specified time at the beginning of the semester.


Failure to do so will automatically lead to your place being forfeited to another candidate. Official Registration/Verification of documents is ongoing using the Academic Information Management System (ACMIS) accessible here:

Ensure that you complete all the required registration formalities starting with enrolment within the prescribed time as per the Fees Payment Policy and registration programme provided by your respective Colleges. The system cycle will be closed on 29th September 2023.

Registration Requirements
For registration purposes all first year students MUST produce their Original documents as indicated on their admission letters for validation and verification purposes. At the end of enrollment and the online registration exercise, new students will be required to submit 3 photocopies of their academic documents which will be dully signed and stamped by their Registrars for record purposes.

(b) Continuing Students
Continuing students also use the Academic Information Management System (ACMIS) for enrolment and registration for Academic Year 2023/2024. Continuing students should enroll online by accessing the ‘Enrolment Menu’ in the Student Portal. Then click on ‘Register’ to put course units for this semester.

The Cycle for online registration for the Academic year 2023/2024, Semester One is open for all continuing students who have no previous fees debts. The system cycle will be closed on 29th September, 2023.

(c) Students who belong to the under listed categories are advised to contact their College/School Registrars before they can register.

  1. Stay Put Cases
  2. Withdrawal cases
  3. Audited Courses
  4. Extension Cases

N.B. Each student should pay National Council for Higher Education fee of 20,000/= per year and UNSA Subscription of 2,000/ = per year before registration.

(d) In case of any problem, consult your College/School Registrar. College Accountants are responsible for providing the financial status to all students and generating lists of paid up students to the Deans.

(e) Failure to enroll and register within the prescribed time will attract a surcharge as per the policy.

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