ICPAU Releases May/June 2023 Examination Results

ICPAU Releases May/June 2023 Examination Results

Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU), through the Public Accountants Examinations Board (PAEB), made an important announcement at Skyz Hotel in Naguru.

CPA Laura Orobia, the vice chairperson of PAEB, revealed the eagerly awaited examination results for the May 2023 sitting. This was a significant moment as it marked the release of the first set of exam results based on the new syllabus that had been launched earlier in January 2023.

CPA Geoffrey Byamugisha, the esteemed chairperson of the board, was unable to attend the event but sent his remarks to be read by CPA Orobia.

The newly released results showcased a surge in participation, with a total of 6,655 candidates sitting for the May 2023 examinations.

Laura Orobia

This marked a considerable increase from the previous December 2022 examinations, which had witnessed 5,279 candidates taking part. The growing number of candidates reflected the increasing interest and recognition of the CPA profession in Uganda.

CPA Byamugisha addressed the audience, shedding light on some concerns raised by examiners regarding the low grades of certain students.

He highlighted that students who did not actively participate in webinars organized for them and failed to focus on the learning outcomes had received lower grades. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of thorough reading, as many students tended to spot instead of engaging with all sections of the exams.

One of the contributing factors to the low pass rates, as stated by CPA Byamugisha, was the recent launch of the revised syllabus in January. Some students had not fully grasped the information presented in the new syllabuses, leading to challenges in certain subjects.

CPA Byamugisha expressed the need for students to familiarize themselves with the revised syllabuses and appreciate the changes introduced.

Looking ahead, ICPAU has scheduled two more sets of examinations for this year, taking place in August and November, respectively. These examinations will continue to follow the new syllabus, which is planned to be in effect for the next five consecutive years.

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The board hopes that students will adapt to the changes and utilize the available resources to enhance their understanding and performance.

The announcement of the examination results and the subsequent remarks from CPA Byamugisha served as a reminder to both students and educators of the importance of active participation, thorough preparation, and a proactive approach to learning.

With each examination session, candidates have an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve, ensuring their success in becoming certified public accountants.

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