Importance of Volunteering after campus

Importance of Volunteering after campus

Not all of us are lucky to get jobs immediately after campus, however you have a choice of volunteering in any organizations as you await your dream job. Here are some of the benefits of volunteering.


Volunteering will help you gain experience in your field of specialty. Most organization ask for experience before hiring you, something you will not have immediately after campus. Volunteering will help you get the required experience for a better job.

Prepares you for a job

You will be able to learn how people behave in work environments, the things you can and cannot do, how to dress, behave, interact with fellow workmates, bosses among other things. This will prepare you for the work field.

You don’t get idle

An idle mind is a devils workshop, volunteering will keep you occupied hence not doing dubious acts like prostitution for money, theft, strikes among other things. This will also help you keep fresh because when you sit home for  a long time, you tend to forget some of the things you studied.

Earns you some money

You will be able to get some money in allowances that will help you cover some of your bills.

Open your network

Volunteering will increase your social capital which is the people you meet. These could be your next employers or may refer you to your next job.

Job opportunity

You will always be the first priority in case of a job opening.

Here is a video on the benefits of volunteering

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