Jain University to Offer 250 Scholarships to Ugandan Students

Jain University to Offer 250 Scholarships to Ugandan Students

Senior six leavers are set to find financial relief to advance their education after the Government of Uganda in conjunction Indian investors  announced 250 scholarships to Ugandan students.

Ugandan and Indian officials in the meeting where investors announced 250 scholarships for Ugandan students. Photo | Christine Katende

Speaking at a meeting with select government officials this week, Vishal Arora – the Associate Director International at Jain University explained that the scholarships will offer better study discounts as compared to most institutions of higher learning in Europe.

The scholarship programme has been in place over the years.

“More students can apply and study at a 50 per cent discount on subsidized rates compared to fees in US and UK. The students will apply for scholarships through the Ministry of Education and Sports here in Uganda,” Mr. Vishal said at the meeting.

With 100 students from Uganda already benefiting from this scheme, the Education Ministry through their Permanent Secretary – Ms Ketty Lamaro revealed that they intend to create a firm coordination with Jain University in India to make the best out of this opportunity.

Ms Lamaro lauded the Indian investors for creating the opportunities to support Ugandan scholars which gains them more knowledge and skills.

The Indian University also intends to equip students in Ugandan universities on emerging fields that are not well taken up currently in the country. The fields include data science and cyber security.

The application for these scholarships will be through Ministry of Education in Uganda.

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