You cannot change yesterday but you can do something today that can change your tomorrow, it doesn’t matter what happened 5year or 2year age. You may not be able to change that but you can position your self today. You can make new decision today that will change what tomorrow brings.

Invest in your future, refuse to end your life on a side walk. Take responsibility of your future, refuse to be a failure refuse to give up God made you for a purpose. You are not a divine accident, God knew you were coming and provide for you. There’s a place for you at the top.

Life is not a gain therefore make every day court for your life, improve  yourself every day and introduce something new into your life that court

Chose to be a success, become inspiring, distinguish yourself with character, with excellence. Put yourself and what you do and change your world

Remember there is no extra time, success is waiting for a man who says yes to success, plans and reaches out for it. Time is important don’t spend your time watching television 24hours a day, those that you are watch have put their best in what you are watching

Train your mind and use it, give you self to a teacher, have a mentor, train your mind and it will be ready to deliver to you the right thoughts and ideas that will earn money

There is no poverty for a man who has made investments in his mind and willing to act, decide to be smart and a problem solver



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