Is Writing Essays Really Important for Your Life after Graduation?

Is Writing Essays Really Important for Your Life after Graduation?

Education is something which has been around in its current form for a relatively short period of time. It is designed to pass on what we as a society think is necessary for children to absolutely learn, beyond what else they might pick up naturally over the course of their lives.

Beyond sharing what they need to get a job and thrive in society, education is now turning more and more towards writing of all kinds. Writing essays is perhaps a response to the new economy which is increasingly focused on white collar work rather than anything else. Writing is integral to this process, and so writing has become more important. In some ways, writing essays so much has been bad for education, but in many ways it has been beneficial to everyone concerned.


Many people become so bored and annoyed at writing endless essays that they immediately give up anything to do with the process once they leave education. Writing a college essay can be an experience which takes a lot of the enjoyment out of learning, since it focuses on minutiae such as formatting and sources.

While so much of education focuses on writing essays, surprisingly little of it focuses on the writing itself, leading to a lot of struggles on both sides, as students try to write without being taught how to do so properly, and teachers struggle to understand what their students are trying to say.

As experts from EssayZoo can attest, writing an essay isn’t the easiest thing to do: it involves research, writing, outlining, proofreading, and knowing different formatting styles. Most of these things are not taught specifically, which is why so many people give up on them and turn to an essay writing service instead.


Essay writing helps people to define themselves and what they are trying to say to people – it teaches them to be clear and precise. Writing a lot can help people to improve in getting their message across to others, and help to show them better ways to say what they want to say.

To write an essay is to expand on your creative potential, as it is a way of showing how you can construct an argument. Essays are one huge way to show how you can create a narrative, and if you can use that to persuade people that you are right, then so much the better. Essays are a way of sharing ideas, and people who set them are looking for new ways of understanding the research and ideas which need to be expressed. Writing can help to stimulate creativity, even if just through repetition.

Deadlines are something we need to deal with throughout our lives. Essays, and the time limits attached to them, are a good way of learning how to handle deadlines, and the work associated with them. There is a lot attached to writing an essay; doing everything within a certain time limit takes practice, but it can be done, and that is good practice for later in life, with deadlines which are much more important.

Communication skills are very easily learned through essay writing. For a start, there is the communication which is inherent in writing, and getting your ideas across in a manner which is understandable and stands some chance of persuasion. Then, there is also the more personal communication skills which come from being able to accurately convey your ideas to your teachers (the main people who will be judging your writing ability). Ultimately, writing means nothing if there is no communication ability between you and the person you are speaking to through your writing.

Learning how to take criticism is one of the most important parts of adult life; writing essays and getting feedback from them is therefore one of the best things you can do in an educational setting. Getting feedback back, and learning from it how to improve and how to work, is therefore one of the most important parts of education. Having this feedback, and not only learning how to change what is wrong, but also learning how you are expected to react to that feedback, is an integral part of the process, and it will serve you well throughout your life. Learning how to react to feedback is the first step in actually taking that feedback on board, so it is the first step to changing things for the better.


Education has become more essay and writing-focused lately, perhaps as a result of the digital world expanding in the way it has. This has had some bad side effects, but mainly it has had good ones, such as helping people to enhance their creativity and communication skills, and helping them to learn skills which will be helpful to them in later life. Essays are an integral part of the education process for good reason, and should stay that way for as long as possible.


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