ISBAT, African Bible University gets charter status as 31 others fail

ISBAT, African Bible University gets charter status as 31 others fail
ISBAT Chancellor Fred Omachi receives the charter from Prof Elly Katunguka, the chairperson of NCHE: COURTESY PHOTO

The International Business Science and Technology (ISBAT) University has become a chartered private University after receiving a charter certificate from the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

ISBAT Chancellor Fred Omachi was presented with by Prof Elly Katunguka, the chairperson of NCHE on behalf of the University.

According to the NCHE executive director, Prof Mary Okwakol, only two (2) out of the 33 attained the charter.

“We told all universities without the Charter to apply before October, which deadline has expired. We are now going to review our documents to see which universities have applied and those that have not will be dealt with,” the NCHE executive director

Prof. Okwakol added that Executive Director of NCHE, Prof Mary Okwakol, said a charter is one of the accolades an institution should attain for provision of quality and competitive education services compared to what others institutions avail to students.

“The charter license will be renewed every after five years. I implore you to distinguish yourself from other teaching institutions, and offer distinguished education services,” she said.

Last week, the African Bible University also received its Charter certificate bringing the number of well licensed University to 19 out of the 50 we have in Ugnada.

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