IT Jobs – Systems Administrator needed

Job title: Systems Administrator

Specific duties for the job:

• Develop and implement ICT framework including infrastructure, policy, systems and plans in line with company strategic objectives and business process requirements;
• Identify and plan integration of systems and monitor system performance, configuration, maintenance and repair; and resource utilization;
• Develop and implement server back-up and disaster recovery procedures;
• Supervise comprehensive testing and evaluation of all modifications of software and hardware to ensure operational reliability;
• Support procurement and supervision of ICT products and service providers and any outsourced professional/ technical support including license agreements, after sales agreements and maintenance contracts;
• Perform troubleshooting as required, lead problem solving involving outside vendors;
• Maintain and oversee smooth operation of the vehicle tracking system;
• Maintain the smooth operation of CCTV network;
• Develop and implement measures to protect data, software, and hardware;
• Routinely maintain the installed computer systems including control of data processing, peripheral equipment and communications network;
• Ensure network connectivity throughout the company’s LAN and Access Point Name infrastructure is on par with technical considerations;
• Maintain integrity of the network, server deployment, and security;
• Operate and maintain management systems including structure server function, storage capacity planning and allocation and monitoring performance;
• Directly supervise staff in the IT section including training, managing performance and disciplining.

Minimum Requirements for the job

• Bachelor of Science degree in Computer science or Information Technology;
• At least five years’ experience in systems administration; knowledge of operating systems, current technologies in use, backup and recovery procedures, system performance monitoring tools.
• Project management skills;
• Experience in managing and supervising;
• Strong organization and communication skills;
• Good analytic skills,
• Integrity and ethics a must.

How to apply for the job: 

Send CV and Cover letter to P. O. Box 560 Entebbe; Deadline for receiving applications is: 13th June 2014

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