IUIU Grappling with Garbage Collection

IUIU Grappling with Garbage Collection

Garbage collection at Islamic University In Uganda (IUIU) main campus has become a challenge despite there being measures of managing garbage collection around campus, garbage of different kinds is littered around campus like polythene bags, water bottles, pierces of papers extra ,this has made many students to start worrying about their health in that even the garbage that is  collected in the dust bins is always delayed to be taken to the disposal area and that if serious measures are not put in place, their health is in danger.

Disposal area near haawa’ restaurant

According to one of the students who were interviewed ,Namakaire Shamim a student of SWASA said “ Dustbins are few around campus especially around the FASS block where she studies from, they have one dustbin all over the block and its near the radio station, its always full with garbage”

Shamim Namakaire’s audio

Students should know that effective garbage management starts with them, they should manage their garbage by proper disposing them, many students do not mind about how they are disposing there garbage they dump them any where in classes, around campus even after seeing students this also becomes a challenge for the cleaners who clean the campus and lecture rooms

Job link worker

Samanya Ismail the campus affairs minister said” students just dump garbage every where especially when they eat while walking and also the the job link workers are few in number to manage the cleanliness of the whole campus “

Listen to Samanya’s audio

Due to the few number of the job link workers as said by Samanya they always forget to remove the collected rubbish.

Students complain about the disposal area that is behind the health center and also near the haawa’ restaurant  that the garbage is too much and that the flies that visit the garbage are also the same flies that roam around your buffet and drop their off springs on your plate .by doing so they increase the risk of them contracting with salmonella, which causes typhoid fever ,food poisoning,  enteric fever ,gastroenteritis ,and other major illnesses. besides flies, other animals that thrive from the  garbage in and around the containers include rats

One of the outcomes of the garbage is that it causes air pollution  which causes various respiratory diseases and other adverse health effects as contaminants are absorbed from lungs into other parts of the body

Hajjat  Haawa the manager of haawa’ restaurant says” the Mbale municipal council delays to remove the garbage so she argues the administrators to work hand in hand with the council to always remove the garbage because its affecting their food business”

hajjat haawa ndagire’s audio


The garbage being too much starts to smell especially when it rains and this is most likely to cause the spread of diseases around campus.

According to female warden, Ahmed Haawa ,it’s the role of the Mbale municipal council to remove the garbage from the disposal area because they are paid to do the job but more efforts will be put in to ensure that the garbage is always removed to ensure the cleanliness of the area and campus at large.

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