KIU Finalist Murdered in Cold Blood

<strong>KIU Finalist Murdered in Cold Blood</strong>

The deceased has been identified as Adam Rukundo who was in 1st semester of fourth year, pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Kampala International University (KIU), Kampala -based campus.

Adam was murdered and his body was dumped in his hostel room during the Easter holiday.

According to the post-mortem report, he was hit by an iron bar thug(s), and this is believed to have happened while he was on his way to the hostel on Saturday evening. His body lifeless was found lying in a pool of blood in his room.

The late Adam will be laid to rest at his home area in Kamwenge today, April 11

Adam Rukund

The KIU Law Society has since released a statement on the matter expressing sadness.

“…Hope this message finds you well. As the law society, we are in the sombre mood. Areeba Jona, Agaba Joshua, Nazil and I had a privilege of talking to Adam‘s Aunt who she stayed with in Konge, Buziga.

It is believed that Adam was last seen on Saturday and it’s presumed to be the day when he was murdered in cold blood. The motive of the killers is still unknown and we hope Police will do investigations thereafter. The postmortem report suggests that he was clobbered with a harmer or “katayibwa” on the head. It’s indeed a terrible incident and so absurd.”

May the soul of the deceased Rest in Eternal Peace.

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