Kyambogo University students on strike

Students breathed in tire gas

Today the Police were playing hide and sick with the disgruntled Kyambogo University students. The chaos followed allegations that the Guild Speaker, Akena Allan had disappeared mysteriously after falling out with the Guild President, Buni Christopher.

Buni is accused of mismanagement of guild funds by a section of guild officials. There are allegations that shillings 110m disappeared from the guild account.

Kyambogo guild government is divided into two camps. One in favor of the guild president and those against the misconduct of Buni are rallying behind the speaker.

The situation was only calmed after rioting students ran short of breathing air-oxygen. They were forced to take to their kneels when Police started firing tire gas at the campus promises.

A few weeks ago, Makerere university Guild President, Ivan Kata was also accused of betraying his fellow students by conniving with the University administration for approving the new tuition fees policy that requires a student to complete 60% of the fees dues at the beginning of the semester.

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