Lecturer Carola Hilfrich receives threats from student she critised of putting on Military Uniform

Lecturer Carola Hilfrich receives threats from student she critised of putting on Military Uniform

Carola Hilfrich, a lecturer at Hebrew University of Jerusalem has raised his fears over a student she critised of coming into the lecture room in military uniform.

Hilfrich who is the Senior Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Cultural has after that received several emails threatening her life. She has therefore decided not to come to teach for the next few weeks, according to Haaretz.

In a video that was recorded last week, the lecturer is seen abusing the student that; “You can’t be naive and expect to be treated like a civilian when you want to be in uniform. You’re a solder in the Israeli army, and you’ll be treated accordingly.

The above came after the student soldier reported to the lecturer that he has been abused several times for coming into lecturers while putting on the IDF uniform by fellow students.

The soldier is heard responding by saying: “I serve and defend the country. Does it disturb anyone that I sit in class in my uniform?”

There are people for whom civil society is as important as the army is to you, and you must be tolerant toward their priorities like they accept and confront your priorities,” Hilfrich replied.

However, the University came out regarding the issues of the student soldier and lecturer Carola Hilfrich.

“Following the unfortunate incident regarding soldiers studying in the university, we want to unequivocally clarify the university’s stance on the matter,” it said.

“The Hebrew University is proud to have active servicemen and servicewomen among its students,” it added. “We happily accept them in any attire.

“That has always been the university’s stance, and it’s important to clarify that there was no physical violence as claimed in various reports. The lecturer, as well as the university management, has chosen to publicly apologize to the student.




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