Makerere university to build 10,000-seater lecture theaters

Makerere university is going to build 10,000 seater lecture theaters using a loan from African Development Bank (ADB).

The ministry of Education obtained a loan of sh74.6b from ADB to expand teaching facilities at the oldest public university.

Makerere university will acquire an additional 12,000 square meters of lecture space.

Makerere is part of the seven public institutions that will benefit from sh187b African Development Bank loan, earmarked for the higher education and science and technology Project.

Construction of the multimillion dollar learning facilities AT Makerere university will start at the end 2014.

Nakayiwa said the lecture theaters will accommodate 10,000 students at a single sitting.

The buildings will also house multipurpose meeting rooms, offices, science laboratories, ICT laboratories, technology workshops and libraries.


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