Makerere votes amidst fear of malpractice

By Philimon Badagawa

The last open guild campaigns at freedom square – Makerere University yesterday turned violent.  Supporters of the different candidates fought each other prompting police to come in.

The police dispersed the violent students after showering them with tear gas. There was no more oxygen at Makerere and students only breathed in tear gas.

There are eight candidates contesting for the top Guild job. They include Oketta Boniface of NRM, Anna Adeke representing FDC, Okello Caucus from UPC among others.

Voting is going on today 4th march at the campus though some candidates are worried of election malpractice. “We must go voting early then stay to protect the votes. Please friends come with 5 other friends”, some candidate warned.

Anna says the electoral commissioners have been changed and new ones have been brought in.  “Extra ballot papers at guild offices, one person is carrying 15 IDs, this electoral commission is full of thieves but we shall give blood to win”, Anna Adeke says.

The voting has come at a time when Makerere University students are in bad terms with the University administration because of the new fees policy.

The policy requires one to pay 60 percent of the total fees within the first six weeks. This has however resulted into numerous strikes at the oldest Ugandan institution after the Vice Chancellor; Prof. Ddumba Sentamu told the students that the policy will not be changed.

The students are thus looking for a leader who can help them solve their issues with the University administration.

“Let us vote wisely for the Guild President who will wipe out our tears, restore sanity and stay away from the nasty scenes that have marred the campaign process”, a concerned student pointed out.

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