Maro Conquers Kyabazinga Land From Mega Dee

Maro   Conquers  Kyabazinga  Land  From Mega Dee
Celebrity Maro
Celebrity Maro

Ronald Magada  better  known  as Maro is a rising  star  from  the  Kyabazinga land. He  started  the musical game  in  2010  but  his father almost  ‘slaughtered’ him for  making the  right  choice in life. He  went   into   hiding for  a full year  and  abandoned  his  Bachelors at Makerere University.

In   hiding, he   released his first debut single, Tonelaga featuring Mikie Wine and Express. The song  introduced  him  to the  musical industry  after falling out with  his daddy , a renown  top  police officer.

And since then, Maro’s music has  skyrocketed with enough air play on radio stations and TV screens. He’ s one of  the fastest   growing  RnB/ ragga artistes.

In 2011, he fell-out with Mikie Wine and started his own musical empire  in disguise. Maro’ music career is fast turning out to be  prolific.

He has worked  with several  rising stars  including  Azizi Azio, Mya and Gravity Omutujju. He has conquered the  Busoga  region by far  and kicked-out  Mega Dee  from  the  music game

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