Medical students want principal fired.

Medical students in a laboratory.

Students of Uganda Institute of Allied Health and Management Sciences,Mulago have appealed to the government and Ministry of High Education that the School Principal be fired.Students are accusing Wilson Rwandembo Mugisha for failing to settle their grievances.

For the last two weeks, the students have been on strike over lack of power, poor administration and bad food among others. No classes have been going on and the administrators have closed the school.

Most students were stranded at the school because they lacked transport to take them home after the shocking news from the Deputy Principal, Otim Alfred.

“Your actions are contrary to the purpose of your presence in this institution. For the safety of the Government and patients in the hospital, the Governing Council of this institution has directed that you go home with immediate effect.” Otim announced

He said the students will be informed of when to return. But students were not happy with the decision of closing the school.

UMEME claims the Institution owes the company Sh800m yet the institution says they only know of only 100m. The Campus Times has learnt that power was cut off in July this year by UMEME.

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