Mind the tax you are boarding

Mind the tax you are boarding
Many thieves are using taxes to rob people
Many thieves are using taxes to rob people

Be careful never to board a tax that is carrying only the driver and conductor, you risk being robbed of your money.

The Campus Times shares with you Daphine’s bad experience with a tax she boarded on her way home but robbed on her way.

She narrates: At 12:30, I was from meeting a client at Khalifa suits off Lithuli avenue, and I took a taxi which used Mugwanya road.

As we reached Uganda Baati, the conductor tells me how my door wasn’t looked.

So this guy sited next to me offers to help me lock it properly, less did I that all the guys in the taxi were thieves.

The one who was pretending to help, was in actual sense picking my things, wallet and some cash out of my bag.

As soon as we reached IBERO, the driver tells the conductor that he won’t reach town so they give me 2,000 shillings, that I use a Boda to reach town.

Which I took forcefully and believe me, the 2k helped me get to the next police post.

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