Muni University to Host Uganda – Germany Investment Symposium

Government of Uganda, through Operation Wealth Creation, in partnership with Uganda Investment Authority and Muni University will host the Inaugural Uganda – Germany Investment Symposium (UGIS).

The Symposium will be hosted by Muni University in Arua City, West Nile from 24th to 26th July 2019.

It will run under the theme “Transformation of Africa’s Upper Nile Valley through Pan African Peace Building & Holistic Development”.

The UGIS offers a strategic window of opportunity for regional integration. The primary objective of the Symposium is to rebrand Africa’s Upper Nile Valley from an area known for the vicious cycle of conflict, forced migration to a virtuous cycle of peace building, flourishing cross border trade, investment and infrastructure development. This vision for this region aligns with Uganda’s Vision 2040 and AU Agenda 2063.

The UGIS 2019 is the ultimate investment symposium to experience a comprehensive display of national and international companies, high-level government officials, business leaders, from various African nations under one roof. The summit delegates and speakers will be unparalleled in their level of seniority, relevance and influence.

The highly-focused gathering provides the ideal platform to meet directly with Investment Promotion Agencies from Africa’s Upper Nile countries whose purpose is to attract inward investment to their respective countries, regions or cities and also Trade Promotion Organizations from the same whose purpose is to promote external trade to their respective country, region or city.

Target Audience

The 2 day investment Symposium targets all Universities, Private Sector Companies, Multinationals in Uganda, DRC and South Sudan; German/European Union Companies, firms and organizations with businesses already involved or seeking to be involved in Uganda, North Eastern DRC and South Sudan. All participants will be updated on the opportunities, in the Africa’s Upper Nile Valley.

Benefits of attending the Uganda – Germany Investment Symposium

UGIS is a unique opportunity for investors. Africa’s Upper Nile Valley is a land of diverse opportunities; the consumer market, workers and resources are vast and varied. This diversity means that there are opportunities for nearly every investor. UGIS 2019 aims to provide unprecedented access to these opportunities – all under one roof. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify emerging investment trends, opportunities and risks.
  • Understand political risk from experts across multiple jurisdictions in Africa.
  • Broaden your exposure in the investment marketplace and create a positive impression.
  • Align your brand to the “African Growth Story” and position your commitment to the region.
  • Sessions about investment opportunities – how, where, and why to invest in Africa’s Upper Nile Valley.
  • Learn more about resources and incentives available to support business investment in Africa’s Upper Nile Valley.
  • Meet face-to-face with investment promotional agencies from various Africa’s Upper Nile Valley nations and government officials to learn about resources and incentives.
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