Museveni’s Statue along Kira Road –“Beheaded”

Museveni’s Statue along Kira Road –“Beheaded”

President Museveni’s statue along Kira Road has been beheaded and thrown down by unknown people.

The towering statue that had President Museveni in his trademark cowboy hat and thumbed up, has lost its head and we cannot exclusively discover where it could be right now.

The statue had been a deep assurance to all Ugandans using that busy road that connects parts of Bukoto, Ntinda, Kisasi and Kyanja to the Central Business District (CBD) that all is well and Mzee is in proper control of affairs.

We could not establish the motives of the people that participated in ensuring the statue does not see another light of day. All we can say is that the road seems particularly naked now.

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