Nkumba holds dialogue on police brutality

By Bakampemukira Denis

As we enjoy the Golden Jubilee ,the Uganda Police is trying to change and clear its image before the public through public dialogue sessions going on in the country, it is now for universities  and other learning institutions.  It   blazed   hot at Nkumba university  on Friday 22nd/2/2012  under the theme “The Quest For A Democratic Uganda Police Force”

Panelists included SSP Anatoli.M community Lesion officer (CLO) Kampala Metropolitan, SOP Idd-bin Ssenkumbi Public Relations Office (PRO) Kampala Metropolitan, Entebbe District Police Commander Nyabongo Edgar and many other police officers. Other delegates were from HURINET-U and Political Parties.

 During this session, a number of issues from students were raised which included the excessive use of tear gas, use of rubber and live bullets and heavy beatings on demonstrators, corruption through bribes and detentions without trial.

However, Ssenkumbi reacted by relating the situation to that of Britain uprising in 2011 saying that whatever the Uganda police is doing is also done in developed countries. He added that Tear gas is the only option for quelling riots. He therefore advised the students to join the police in order to make a professional police.

On the same note, SSP Anatoli said that the public should police its self in the absence of the police. “The public needs to know how we execute our duties and you should look at yourself as citizens of this country.” Anatoli said. On the issue of human rights, “Rights are not absolute however; there are only four fundamental human rights in areticle 44 in the constitution.” Anatoli said.

It was organized by Nkumba Law Society Association in collaboration with Human Rights Net Work Uganda (HURINET-U).

At the end of the dialogue, the police officer left their contacts to students to help them report any indiscipline officer. The contacts were: 0714667795 for SOP Ssenkumbi, 0718441079-SSP Anatoli and 0716337799-DPC Edgar Nyabongo.

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