Nsenene -A Seasonal Ugandan Delicacy

Nsenene -A Seasonal Ugandan Delicacy

Nsenene / ensenene are seasonal edible insects or grasshoppers (usually green and brown in color) that are eaten fried by most ugandans.

However in this particular post, i shall refer to them as “nsenene” because using another term would feel like am undermining the love/ taste attached to them by most people in the country.

Our fellow brothers and sisters working and living in diaspora usually pack or ask the people back in the motherland to send them some of these delicious grasshoppers.

In most times they (nsenene) do not pass the international air cargo transit procedures at the various international airports which always disappoints ugandans living abroad.

In the central region, nsenene is such a big deal that in every month of november when the rains begin to fall, these yummy insects start to fly and thus the name “Musenene Rain” season. these seasonal grass hoppers usually fly in areas of the the central region(s) of the country including; Masaka, mitiyana and many other places.

Taboo To Eat Nsenene by ‘Nsenene Clan’ Members!

It’s a taboo to eat nsenene by the nsenene clan members from central region.

Why? – The reason is simple- it is their totem – (a natural object or animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and that is adopted by it as an emblem).

How to Prepare Nsenene In Uganda.

1. Ingredients usually are too simplistic-grasshoppers, salt, onion bulbs,(optional include green pepper, raw ginger, carrots, cooking oil).

2. Remove the jumping legs, genitaria (extreme rare tail) and wings from the nsenene.

3. Soak them for about 20 minutes in clean water.

4. Wash or rinse them and rewash about 2-3 times.

5. Chop the onion bulbs and any other ingredient of choice-these are usually optional.

 6. Light a charcoal stove / gas burner or electric cooker with moderate heat.

7. Get a clean sauce pan, add the washed nsenene then place the pan on moderate heat.

8. Add alittle salt to taste and start frying, as the water tends to drying up from the pan, add onions and green pepper plus other ingredients as you may wish.

9. Fry until they turn golden, some want them crunchy others moderate wet , so fry to suite the consumers’ preferred taste.

10.  Serve on small saucers and enjoy the mouthwatering delicacy!

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