Over 18 Students Graduate from Swangz Avenue Creative Academy

Over 18 Students Graduate from Swangz Avenue Creative Academy

East Africa’s premier audio-visual production company, Swangz Avenue has graduated a total of 18 students from its creative academy for audio and film production.

The group who graduated on Tuesday have completed a six weeks course in audio production and digital video editing.

Speaking during the graduation ceremony in Kampala, the Head of Business at Swangz Avenue, Julius Kyazze said it is high time Ugandan arts industry thought of creativity as a toll to propel it to greater heights.

“Dont do the same thing as others are doing but look at the skill you have to extend the boundaries of the creative space. Use your skillset to do something different. Dont create another Swangz Avenue because it already exists but think outside the box by setting your own game and rules,” Kyazze said.

“Even in a red ocean there is someone setting the pace as others bite each other.”

Kyazze cited an example of Swangz Avenue that he said thought outside the box to create something different and has consequently dominated the market in the region.

This idea, he said should be adopted by many in the creatives industry in Uganda and they will be the best the country has ever produced.

“Swangz Avenue came and flipped a few things to become the best. From a business point of view, create an uncontested market space. Create your own blue oceans and it is where the money is. It might not be entirely new but flip a few things. Be yourself and you will dominate. Think big. Try to reach beyond existing demand. Uganda is the most entrepreneurial country in the world. You need to tap into this. Don’t think you have made it. Learning never stops. Keep learning.”

He explained that whereas Uganda has a lot of talent, most of it is unknown to the outside world, noting that it is high time Ugandans marketed what they produce.

Music producer, Martin Musoke also known as Artin Pro emphasized the need for creativity among the Ugandan arts industry.

“Use your skills to preserve Uganda’s culture but this can only happen if you have creativity in you. You need to keep learning and this way you will create good content.”

Benon Mugumbya, one of the directors at Swangz Avenue said the demand for people in the creative industry motivated them to start a school to impart skills.

“Not everyone will be a pilot or doctor but some can become video or audio producers. We started the idea of a school of creatives to supply this demand. The beauty with the creative industry in Uganda is that it can employ many people. Every weekend there is an introduction and a wedding which calls for a person to capture those moments and one who will edit. This means employment. This idea of a school of creatives helps impart skills that will ensure our people are employed,” Mugumbya said.

According to Mugumbya, with over 14 years of experience in producing audio and visual production, Swangz Avenue has amassed enough knowledge and experience at international standards in audio and video production that they are willing to pass on to the next generation through the school of creatives.

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