PhD grants-Call for applications

PhD grants-Call for applications
Gulu university library
Gulu university library


Four PhD scholarships are available under the research project: Governing Transitions: Trust and Land. The PhDs are to be placed at the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies, Gulu University, and will be carried out as “sandwich-programs” with study periods in Denmark. The PhD projects are to be supervised from both Ugandan and Danish universities.

The Trust and Land project will approach issues of governance and trust by focusing on land disputes in Northern Uganda and attempts to mediate them.

The research examines links between land, trust/mistrust and governance with emphasis on gender and generation. Drawing on a case based approach, the project explores how differently positioned people manage, mitigate and engage conflicts in a setting of co-existing formal and parallel legal authorities.

Issues include: claims to land and descent; women’s rights to land and security; individual and communal rights in relation to commercial interests in land; the discourses of traditional vs universal human rights in relation to property.

The PhD application may be within the following fields:

Women’s rights to land and security Customary leaders and land conflict resolution Youth, NGOs and land conflicts Government institutions and land disputes : rights, ownership and establishment of evidence.


The application should contain:

1.A project proposal max 5000 words clearly stating the research problem, objectives, background, relevance, suggested conceptual framework, methodology, ethical issues, and list of references.

2.Time plan for the PhD project (Total of 42 months, starting from July 1 2013 including up to 3 study stays in Denmark, max 14 months in total) max 1page

3.CV (max 2400 keystrokes) including publications, if any.

4.Proof of academic qualifications (certified copies of academic transcripts)

5.Max 1 letter of recommendation.We recommend that candidates familiarize themselves with the overall project proposal, which can be downloaded from Gulu University website.


The call is open to applicants holding a master degree of relevance to the project themes (social and political sciences, humanities, law).
Preference will be given to candidates with an affiliation to Gulu University or with a wish to have a long
term affiliation with Gulu University.
Selection: The applicants will be assessed by a committee comprised of academic staff from
Gulu University and Danish Universities. The results will be out by
15th.November, 2013.
Deadline: Applications must be sent electronically to and on or before November 1 at noon (Uganda time).
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