Plans to Have Museveni’s Picture on Ugandan Currency Notes Begins

Plans to Have Museveni’s Picture on Ugandan Currency Notes Begins

Plans to have the photo of President Yoweri Museveni appear on Ugandan legal tender have commenced with a request to the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs for a proposed amendment.

The plans were kickstarted by one Majembere Ivan Semakula who identifies himself as a National Resistance Movement (NRM) Activist and President Museveni’s attack lion.

In a letter to the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, and copied to the Bank of Uganda, Parliament of Uganda as well as the Attorney General, Majambere notes that it is high time the country appreciated Museveni for his wonderful service with his portrait splashed on Ugandan currency.

He notes that this should only be possible if there is an amendment to Article 21 of the Bank of Uganda 2000 Act which prohibits any design or portrait of a living person or any political symbol or word on its bank note.

“We wish to note that in our continued celebrations, enjoyments of democratic freedoms, peace, security and social economic transformations of this country Uganda which has been brought by President Museveni’s wise leadership and there is no other meaningful way we can show our gratitude to him unless we amend that article 21 and have his portrait adopted on our Uganda currency notes,” Majambere writes.

He says that he represents many other Ugandans who wish to celebrate President Museveni for the work he does and continues to do for this country by granting him such a wish.

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