Policies at Islamic University in Uganda and How they Are Conveyed by the Community

Policies at Islamic University in Uganda and How they Are Conveyed by the Community

By Byamugisha Nobert

When looking for top and best universities in Uganda, one will always find Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) shortlisted among those. This institution was established in the early 1988 following the second summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) in 1974. IUIU has different campuses in Arua, Kibuli, Kaboja (Females only) and the main campus in Mbale which is approximately 224 kilometers North east of Kampala Uganda’s capital.

These policies are set up by the administrators of this institution and are passed through the University coordinator office as amended in 2007 with the aim of protecting the institutional core values.

There are restricted areas where by the opposite sex can’t access those restricted areas where by the opposite sex cant cross those lines.

“In terms of behaviors, we expect students both males and female to wear up decently at this institution. Gents don’t wear up short pants and ladies are expected to veil up and put on long dresses to cover up the bodies” he added. Mr. Butewo Frank one of the boda boda cyclist outside IUIU gate narrates in the video below.

Mr. Wafula John one of the business men outside IUIU said “female students don’t have the free mobility of moving in and out but are expected to present pass outs before leaving the campus and they are also expected to sign in and out the time of departure and arrival”.

Even in lecture rooms/events in IUIU we are supposed to sit separately and some take it for granted in some lectures but however much some students may not need that separation but to me I think it helps to promote the dignity Sharif Musoke commented.

One of the businessmen outside IUIU also commented that “we expect a lot from students who come out of this gate of IUIU and we hope that students from this institution are not like those from other universities for example we don’t expect them to use any intoxicant thing and we hope these students to be morally upright because of the Islamic behaviors and practices with in the institution.

We as female students are strictly not allowed to have any close contact to opposite sex /access to males’ hostels and the same applies to the males because it’s against the laws and found guilty leads to punishments like apology letterdiscontinuation from the University and so forth” said one of the students at IUIU. Below is the video of Namire Irene one of the IUIU students highlighting on one of the major policies at IUIU.

Patience Namato one of the students of IUIU from management highlighted on the dress code where by females put on long dresses(Hijab) and Veils whereas gents are not allowed to put on short pants unless you are to participate in any sports activity.

“we as female and single students are expected to undertake a pregnancy test in the first six weeks of every semester. The samples are made and if you turn up to be pregnant, you have t appear before the disciplinary committee to be questioned” Kagoya Zainab one of the resident female students tells her story in the audio link below.

The guild president of IUIU main campus H.E Welunga Yusuf indicates that there are major key policies and these policies are created inoder to set guidelines for students and they are there to promote the core values of this mighty university which are faith, integrity, excellence, diversity and creativity.

He also adds that these key policies are meant for the betterment of every student at campus and promote integrity for example the policy of moral decency as in the video below.

Mr. Gadewo Imaam Hassan the assistant male warden also tackled on the policy of free movement of male students in and out of campus. “we expect male students not to be liable to a lot of dangers outside so that’s why we give them the freedom of free entry and exit but however, they are also deemed to be on campus before 12:00 AM”

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