Prof. Benon C. Basheka Delivers Professorial Inaugural Lecture at Kabale University

Kabale University held its first-ever professorial inaugural lecture under the theme Governance and Leadership-Wrappers of Constitutional Democracy.

The colorful ceremony was officiated by the Vice-Chancellor Professor Joy Kwesiga. This key historical started with a procession of the Vice-Chancellor, the Presenter, professors, Deans of Faculties, Senior Management, and heads of departments.
The function was attended by over 150 people who occupied the main conference hall.

The inaugural lecture was given by Professor Benon C. Basheka under the theme ‘Governance and Leadership-Wrappers of Constitutional Democracy? In a highly educative and well-researched presentationProfessor Basheka explained the centrality of governance and leadership to the formation of constitutional democracy and management of organizations.

Prof. Basheka in a well-researched paper examined the works of ancient philosophers like Aristotle on the nature and functioning of government and why and how the rule of law was a central element of any democratic society.

He reviewed the classical and indigenous scholars and how governance and leadership were central pillars for the creation of a better society. The contemporary paradigms of public administration were examined in great detail with emphasis on their relevance to today’s management of public affairs.

Professor Basheka emphasized that in a constitutional democracy, the three arms of government work under the doctrines of separation of powers and that of checks and balances. He ventured into a historical narration of the factors which have influenced Uganda’s Governance agenda starting with the pre-colonial period to the present. Religious and land questions were emphasized. The presenter examined the leadership gaps in African countries and what needed to be done to address the deficits. The presenter made a special case for University Governance dwelling on the models for managing a University.

The ceremony was addressed by the Vice-Chancellor (Professor Kwesiga), the Chairperson of the Professorial Inaugural committee (Prof Ruth Mukama), the Academic Registrar (Narcicir Tibenderana), the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (Associate Professor Meshach Katusime) and Professor Emanuel Muranga who gave a vote of thanks. The Master of Ceremony was the Dean Faculty of Economics and Management (Associate Professor Caleb Tamwesigire).

In her remarks, the Vice-Chancellor emphasized the importance of inaugural lectures and what all the University Professors needed to make their inaugural lectures. She commended Professor Basheka for this initiative and for being the first Professor in the University to make such an important lecture that was rich and educative. The academic registrar indicated that he was going to make a schedule for all professors.

Profile of Professor Benon C. Basheka

The chairperson of the professorial committee also encouraged all professors to take the lead in this area. While reading Professor Basheka’s citation, Associate Professor Katusime read an impressive academic record of professor Basheka.

He mentioned that Professor Basheka was a Professor of Governance at Kabale University, an Extra-Ordinary Professor of Governance at the North-Western University Business School in South Africa as well as the Visiting Professor of Governance and the School of Public Management, Governance and Policy at the University of Johannesburg.

Professor Basheka has two Doctoral Degrees, Two Masters Degrees, Two postgraduate Diplomas, an undergraduate Degree and he is currently a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

He has supervised 20 PhDs to successful completion and externally examined 45 PhD dissertations. He has also supervised over 500 graduate students.

The parents of Professor Basheka, his wife and children attended the function among other guests. Professor Basheka was awarded a certificate and a Plaque by the Vice-Chancellor and the invited guests were treated to a cocktail after the lecture

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