Robert Sunday commonly known as ‘Tata Sam’ expecting a new baby

‘Tata Sam’ wife and their Son

Robert Sunday, the Radio film producer who found a calling in comedy as ‘Tata Sam‘ together with his wife Birabwa Aidah  are expecting a new baby  . Robert is popularly known for acting comedy in Luganda  with Lydia Nakitto who acts as’ Maama Sam‘.

He has uploaded a lot of clips on YouTube on his’ Katusekemu‘ platform which has helped him promote his comedy,  he says he earns a lot from it because when gets many views, he receives a monthly payment.

On the 18th of April pictures of ‘Tata Sam‘ and his wife that they took on her baby shower were allover social media.The couple has been married for may years, they have a son aged three years and expecting the second one son.

Here are some of his popular clips

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