Self-perception is how one think about themselves, self-perception is a big determinant of behavior, choices and attitude

People who perceive themselves as failures, weak, and not good enough easily give in to manipulation because they see the other person as better. They think that the idea of another person matters more than they are, but am here to tell and assure you that you matter and your opinion counts

Everyone is created by God and therefore no one is here by mistake, you are designed by God with a purpose. Whatever God makes is good. You are the best of your kind God could come up with. “Everything God made is beautiful, purposeful, wonderful and fearless”

No matter what is surrounding you or what you have gone through or what people say about and against you, always know that you matter. You are irreplaceable, you are precious, you have a potential that can change your surrounding and the country. Most people who have done great wonders in history, were once treated as no bodies, despised and neglected, people like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and Jack Ma discovered on thing “I matter” and they were able to come up with such wonderful and useful ideas which we are enjoying now. Always tell yourself regardless of what is happening around and in me; “I matter”

You are unique and blessed. Appreciate who you are and what you have, believe in your potential and do the best with what you have. Looking and comparing yourself with others will discourage and make you miss out on what you have. If you are to look at these people, learn from their failures and success.

You were intentionally made for a great purpose, you are not here by mistake, you are of value and purpose not what people say about you. By the fact that you are created and alive today. “You matter”

Appositive self-image is a choice. Life will throw lots of garbage to you. People and circumstances will put you down. You have the power to choose how you will define yourself through it all. Never be defined by what you go through or by others. It is not what others say about you that is what you say about yourself. “You matter”

If you choose to be happy, you will always have the inner strength to move on and overcome. If you choose to mourn you will lose even the little strength in you.

If someone says that you cannot do it or make it, that’s their opinion not yours. It’s always your opinion that defines you. “Someone’s opinion doesn’t define your life nor your reality”

You matter;


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