Skinny jeans could endanger your life

Don’t put style before health

By Adderah Karugaba Image

For men, the skinny jeans fashion trend may have an unexpected side effect. High fashion has a cost and it’s not just on the price tag but skinny jeans may actually jeopardize your health. Experts are warning that the surge of tight jean popularity among men especially is sparking a rise in painful testicular problems.

Medical experts, including Dr. Hilary Jones of UK television personality, have reported an increase in injuries resulting from wearing tight jeans. The effects include twisted testicles, bladder, weakness, and even urinary tract infections.

Twisted testicles is a serious condition that occurs when tight trousers prevent the spermatic cord from moving freely meaning it twists and leads to testicular torsion which cuts off the blood supply requiring immediate surgery to prevent a gangrenous testicle.

Other dreaded side effects from wearing tight jeans are low sperm count and fungal injections. The advice is to make sure you leave plenty of room around the growing area so that your pants and trousers feel comfortable.

For women, wearing skinny jeans can increase one’s chances of developing a vaginal yeast infection.

Health experts say that tight jeans also increase the risk of nerve compression which can lead to tight or numb thighs to both men and women, health experts.

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