Specialist Trainee – Economics/Statistics Job – Office of the Auditor General (OAG)

Job Title:  Specialist Trainee – Economics/Statistics (10 No Experience Jobs)

Organisation: Office of the Auditor General (OAG)

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

Job Reference: ADM/56/136/01 Vol.7 [10/22]

About US:

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is the supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Uganda mandated under Article 163 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda to audit and report on the Public Accounts of Uganda and of all public offices, including the Courts, the Central and Local Government Administrations, Universities and Public Institutions of like nature and any Public Corporations or other bodies or organizations established by an Act of Parliament. The Constitutional mandate of the OAG is amplified by the National Audit Act, 2008 which has among other things enhanced the financial and operational independence of the Auditor General.

Job Summary: The incumbent will conduct Specialized Audits on public sector organizations’ processes, procedures and systems to evaluate cost effectiveness, risk management, governance and internal controls, to establish Value For Money and public accountability and responsiveness to service delivery so as to ensure adherence to government policies and procedures, national laws and standards to meet organizational strategic objectives and national governance standards.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Audit Planning and Execution

  • Assess and evaluate financial risk, financial reporting and accounting transactions processes, including controls related to public entities.
  • Undertake risk assessment, analysis and propose mitigation measures through an understanding of the entity and its environment.
  • Participate in the development of audit programs, strategies and approaches for all assigned audits.
  • Prepare audit files with all required documentation.
  • Prepare lead schedules and compute materialty levels of audited entities.

Carry out Audit Verifications

  • Obtain sufficient and reliable information through inspection, observation, inquiries, and confirmation to provide a reasonable basis for an opinion regarding the activity or organisation under examination.
  • Perform audit tests on the various components like expenditure, procurement, and revenue flows from government projects and programs in the respective field of audit.
  • Assist in the development of verification schedules with the audited institutions.
  • Carry out audit verifications and draft verification reports.

Prepare Audit reports

  • Prepare the draft audit findings and respective proposed corrective and preventative actions for audits carried out.
  • Prepare draft management letters that meet the requirements of the OAG and International Standards.

Participate in Entry and Exit Meetings

  • Attend entry and exit meetings for audit investigations.
  • Document management responses, resolutions and minutes from entry and exit meetings.

Participate in Office Activities

  • Participate in the internal risk assessments process in the organisation.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Audit evidence files.
  • Timely draft management letters.
  • Draft verification reports.
  • Minutes of entry and exit meetings.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • The ideal applicants should be Ugandans aged 30 years and below, holding a Bachelor’s (Hons) degree in Economics, Statistics, Economics and Statistics, Quantitative Economics or related field from a recognized University/Institution.
  • Local legislation and regulatory framework governing the OAG
  • Definitions in professional standards, codes, legislation guides and regulations
  • The value and benefit of supreme audit institutions – making a difference to the lives of citizens
  • Principles of transparency and accountability
  • Digital Literacy skills
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Linguistic Analytical Ability
  • Problem Solving Analytical Ability
  • Logical Analytical Ability

How to Apply:

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • Detailed typed curriculum vitae which clearly supports the competencies required above.
  • Copies of academic qualifications, professional training certificates and proof of employment history.
  • Names of three (3) referees and their contacts.
  • A recent passport size photograph attached to the application form.
  • Applications must be made in triplicate and submitted with on OAG application form, Download Here.
  • Applications received shall be acknowledged by the Office.

Applications must be addressed to:

The Auditor General

Office of the Auditor General

Audit House, Plot 2C, Apollo Kaggwa Road

P.O. Box 7083,


Deadline: 19th December 2022

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