Kampala International University needs a Check on Hygiene

Kampala International University needs a Check on Hygiene

Kampala international University has a responsible staff for the general cleanness of the area which have kept the place flourishing.

The evidence portrays itself bright away from the entrance to the corridors  and it is extraordinary in the university main compound.

Patricia Ainembabazi explains the state of KIU sanitation

Prior to that,the university provides dust bins for students to dump their rubbish which has left KIU exploring it’s heights as far as sanitation is concerned.

However, as Faiza Salima  a mass communication student claims cleanliness is only portrayed on the Outlook with toilets filthy and broken.

“Our toilets are always dirty ever since my first year I have never returned there up to now they are really dirty.”Salima asserted.

Faiza speaks out on the state of sanitation at KIU

In the same way, Ray Socrates revealed that the toilets are always hygienically poor.

“This happens to be my personal commentary that toilets are always unclean which is very dangerous to the community,” said Socrates.

Socrates speaks out

Isaac Mubiru, a second year student at KIU also gives his comment on the state of sanitation and hygiene at the University.

Mubiru speaks his mind on sanitation within campus

Joan Mary Katusiime, said that the state of the urinals has exposed students especially the female to healthy issues like UTIs.

Katusiime raises her attribute of the sanitation at KIU

Ivan Muhwezi, a businness man within Kampala International University gives his comment about the Campus sanitation and recommends on what ought to be done.

Muhwezi gives his say on sanitation in KIU

William a businessman at KIU says the University policies are favorable for it allows them to have space where to dispose off the wastes.

William commends KIU

Some of the cleaners we talked to attributed the issue to fellow cleaners who are lazy.

“Some of the cleaners are lazy,they don’t want to do their work. More so, security disturbs us when we come early to do our job they chase us when in actual sense  we are supposed to do work early,” a cleaner who preferred anonymity said.

One of the University cleaners speaks out
Eddy tells

“We buy our apparatus to use in cleaning when they are out of use so you end up putting in your own money to buy what to use.”

However, our attempts to talk to the Estates Manager and an official from the University clinic proved futile as they declined our quest in fear for the loss of their positions.

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