Students doing Business in Islamic University in Uganda

Students doing Business in Islamic University in Uganda

The business students at Islamic University in Uganda, IUIU main campus call upon their fellows to engage in business activities.

According to the research made portrays that various students are owning their private businesses that have helped them sustain themselves in terms of tuition, facilitation among others

Mayor Wandawa Ukasha a student of Social work and social administration who is also a photographer, filmmaker at clear shot company limited in Mbale City, Uganda says due to the creativity he has in taking photos, making films, editing among others.

This has benefited him in raising tuition, facilitating himself at campus which he elaborates has cut stress that would on poor, pockektless parents.

He therefore advices his comrades to also commence their businesses alongside their studies to ensure betterment of their future.

What are challenges you faced in the business, first was getting a space to start up the business, capital and calling upon the clients or customers to develop my business hence challenges.

How do you balance studies and business, in his few remarks, he lamented that the moment they give out test or ending exams first work with it then I deal with a business and they give out course work?

Adam Dagalasi, a student of management studies year III who has his business dealing in shoes, bags within Nkoma market, Mbale City also articulates that he developed the desire and willingness to start up a business by the already existing students who had succeeded in their business activities which has helped him majorly in boosting on his studies in terms of tuition and among others

He advises fellow students not to just be reluctant at campus but instead put in their minds that there is a future struggle after University that will no longer involve parents help but somebody’s dependence.

Atwijukire Hasan, a student of law studies year 11 who has his business focusing in ice cream machine within IUIU main campus mbale city also added that advised students should not rely on studies only, Hasan added on the statement


Lastly Nantong sumaya a year 2 student at iuiu a course education and who has a business called eggs in her hostel also added on the story talking about students business in iuiu that student should wakeup well at campus to make up your own business well studies at school ,Advised students.

AUDIO AND PHOTO SHOWING Nantong’s communication on the matter.Listen to an audio Nantong speak about her busines

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