Style tips for curvy ladies

Style tips for curvy ladies


If you have a curvy body type, you should choose pieces that naturally emphasize your waist and keep your top and bottom curves equally balanced out.

Below are some style tips that will help all curvy ladies out there to embrace their bodies and feel good about their curves.

Embrace your natural curves

The very first style tip is to embrace your body shape and that includes your natural God given curves. The curves vary from small, medium and wide. Whatever category you fall in, it does not matter. What matters is how you embrace and feel good about them. Avoid comparison with other women. We are all beautiful in our  own ways.



Find clothes that flatter your specific shape

Next is to buy and wear clothes that flatter or bring out your body shape. As we have seen above, curves vary in shapes and sizes. It is upon you to accept your body shape and enhance it with clothes that bring out the best in you.

If you are not sure about choosing the right clothes for your body, try talking to a friend who can help you out. Better still, take time to study your body shape and how different clothes look good with it.

Know your measurements

It is important to know your measurements especially if you are the kind that loves custom made clothes. Measure your body at least every after 3 months to know if you have gained or lost some fat around your curves. This will help you gauge your body size and what clothes to buy and wear.



Tips on tops

 If you are curvy, you need to pay attention to the fit. Look for tops that emphasize your narrow waist and curvy bust, but avoid shirts that add too much volume to your top body. Fitting tops will bring out your curves more. 

Crop tops

For some reason, crop tops look sexy on curvy ladies. But, you have to be mindful of your tummy. If your stomach is big and protruding out, crop tops are not for you. Therefore, endevour to keep your body in shape so that you rock cute crop tops with a pair of pants, shorts or skirt.


Nothing too loose or too tight

An attire that looks just right on you does the trick if you are curvy. Try to avoid overly tight dresses or pants because these will compress your curves and make them smaller than they actually are. Same goes to over size outfits that will hide your curves and make you look round and fat but not shapely.

Go for colours

Curvy ladies look extra gorgeous when they opt for bright outfits. The colours emphasize your body the more so that your curves are noticeable. So, do not be afraid of colored outfits once in a while.


Accessories are a blessing

Finally, do not forget to accessorize your outfit. Accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings among others will compliment and give you a more elegant look.

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