Taremwa College Students strike on their Graduation day

 Students of Taremwa College School in Kabwohe Town Council, in Bushenyi have gone to strike in the middle of their graduation ceremony.

Students and some parents became angry and attacked the Principal’s office, demanding answers as to why the students were not provided with documents to go with to the field, before they can access their transcripts.

Police came in and seized the Principal only identified as Abaho and detained him at Sheema police station to normalize the situation.

According to Rev Elisam B. Bampata, the chairman board of directors, students who started the riot were the ones who failed external exams and don’t qualify for certificates. However, the statement only added salt to the wound when students  started breaking chairs and other school property.

The college has a student population of 240 students and teaches courses including nursery teaching, accountancy, and catering, electrical installation among others.
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