As teachers celebrate the international day for teachers worldwide under theme ,” The transformation of Education Begins With Teachers.”

Science teachers through their network as Uganda Professional Science Teachers Union have made a request to government to bring them onboard in matters of decision making regarding teachers affairs.

The National Chairperson of the Union Mr. Vincent Elong at Kolping hotel in Kampala has disclosed to journalists that some of the best teachers don’t even have a degree but able to deliver quality service therefore government should not discriminate but instead bring them onboard.

Elong explained on Wednesday that the purpose of bringing teachers on board is to fill the gap between the policy implementors and policy formulators, the teachers are policy implementors in this case.

He added that sometimes certain policies which come may not be practical and another thing the formulators may be less informed of the policies, a point in case the new curriculum has been rushed to be enrolled but with a lot of gaps forexample teachers are not skilled and most of the resources earmarked were used in designing the formulation hence when it comes to implementation, the system has suffered funding.

According to Elong, ” if teachers are involved in the initial formulation, some of the gaps can be closed,” he said.

He however implored all science teachers to focus on appreciating the fountain of honour, HE: Yoweri Tibuhabura Kaguta Museveni regarding fulfilling his pledge on the salary enhancement for the science teachers and other scientists in the country.

The teaching of science involves a lot of motivation therefore science teachers need to be supported in all ways possible, he noted.

The General Secretary of the union Mr. Mugaiga Aron used the same occasion to launch officially the UPSTU members Sacco to the nation.

He included that on behalf of UPSTU, all science teaching fraternity and scientists are called upon to sign up and become members the Sacco in order to be able to purchase shares and also start saving.


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