Three Suspects Arrested Over Jjaja Iculi’s Shooting

Three  Suspects Arrested Over Jjaja Iculi’s Shooting

Police have arrested three suspects in connection with the murder by shooting of popular social media influencer, Vlogger, and critic, Ibrahim Tusuubira also known as Isma Olaxess and Jjajja Iculi.

Icuuli was gunned down on Saturday night by unknown assailants about 30 meters away from his home in Kyanja, a Kampala suburb.

Addressing journalists at police headquarters in Naguru, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga confirmed that Icuuli’s attack was targeted and that the attackers fired at him at close range.

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Enanga says the driver (Mathias Waiswa) who was travelling with the deceased on the fateful night is part of three suspects in police custody.

He adds that the investigative security team is reviewing the entire movement of the late Icuuli and his driver on Saturday from Munyonyo where he was playing football up to the spot where he was shot from.

Enanga meanwhile says the cyber security team is also considering another lead of a phone call the deceased received last that night.

“The driver, Waiswa is still in our protective custody… Outside the drive, we also have two other suspects who have been arrested. Together we have three people whom we are interviewing for now,” Enanga told journalists on Monday.

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