Top 7 businesses you can do around campus in 2020

Top 7 businesses you can do around campus in 2020

So many people have capital but dont know what kind of businesses to invest in especially around universities. Well worry no more, here is a a list of 7 best business ideas you can do around any university in Uganda and make good profits as guided by Asiimwe Christopher a financial expert.

8. Mobile money

Everyone at the university will withdraw money, buy airtime, data or pay a bill . Having a mobile money outlet will be a great business to do around any university.

7. Eatery

Most university students don’t cook , setting up a clean eatery with good food would be the best.The commonly consumed foods are chips, sausages, chapats (rolex), kikomando( chapats with beans) and local foods. Add drinks like natural juice, soda, milk among others.

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6. Food Store

Set up a food store selling raw foods like Matooke, Irish potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, vegetables like cabbages, tomatoes, onions among others. These should be relatively cheap as students will not buy expensive foods.

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5. Bakery

Most university students will do all they can to celebrate their birthday, and whats a birthday celebration without cake, this means you will have a couple of orders every month. A long side cakes, you can add other foods like Mandazi, bread among others.

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4. Ice cream point

Students especially girls enjoy ice cream a lot, with an ice cream palour, you wont go wrong. you can sell in cones or tins. Make sure the cones you buy are soft and sweet.

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3. Gift shop

University students are into gifting and making one another happy. Open up a gift shop that sells flowers, gift packs, wrapping papers, gifts among other things. However, these shouldn’t be expensive.

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2. Academic Services

Offer academic services,many lazy students are willing to pay to have their course work, research or fields work done, offer these services and you will be able to earn some good money.

1. Photocopying and Printing service

This is the most lucrative business in any university. Every student will print or photocopy notes or any other document and on a daily. Get a good location that can easily be accessed.

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